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The One Place In Canada Where There Is Only One Bridge - One Connecting Highway!
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The Nipigon River Bridge Is One Of Northwestern Ontario's Most Unique Construction Projects
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Dear Website Visitor:

When we first heard the announcement for construction of the new bridge across the Nipigon River, we immediately recognized this as a tremendous marketing opportunity for Northwestern Ontario and particularly the Nipigon area. We realized that once completed, this unique bridge would become a world class attraction, setting it apart from all other regions of the province and attracting visitors from across North America and beyond!

Many Unique Construction Challenges Ahead
If you have ever driven through the Nipigon area, you almost certainly have marvelled at the majestic terrain that towers over the lakes, rivers and highways. While the natural beauty of the area attracts tourists from all over North America, the unique geology of the area is sure to present many construction challenges to the completion of the Nipigon River Bridge over the next two years.

A combination of ever changing climate, fast moving river, granite outcroppings and muskeg will certainly test the skills and abilities of the engineers and construction crews. All companies involved in the completion of this structure however, are highly experienced in meeting such challenges and are confident of celebrating the first vehicle crossing the bridge in 2017.

The Goals of This Website
Although bridge construction is not scheduled for completion until 2017, the initial goal for this website will be to forge strong regional, national and international interest in this project by provding a chronicle of the construction progress and create wide spread anticipation of the first visitors to officially cross the bridge.

From the moment the first pile is driven into the ground - to the day the first vehicle crosses the bridge, our website promises to provide not only ongoing construction updates and progress reports, but area travel, accommodation and attraction details as well. We are hopeful this website will become a reliable online authority for anyone researching information on the bridge or planning to visit and spending time in the area.

We Welcome Your Input
Our development team is working hard to meet our objectives of consistently providing timely and informative information. In doing so, we are reaching out to all industry stakeholders, government, as well as the private sector to invite submissions of articles, comments, photos and stories of interest which may serve to enhance not only the project but the region as a whole.

We welcome any photos and editorial material which will serve to promote the Nipigon area